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"The Urban Sponge IV" Workshop Results | TerraViva @ Vaiano

Vaiano is a linear city, although with only 10,000 inhabitants it is closer to the scale of a village.

During the post WWII period the town created many collective structures in solidarity with the working population and enjoyed a 40-year period of prosperity in competition with Prato. Due to globalization, new methods of working clothes, and labor issues, the local industrial sector underwent severe structural changes during the last 30 years, leading to precipitous decline and the closure of many factories.

While this has damaged the local economy, such a crisis might also be considered as a great opportunity to rethink local ecology—perhaps creating an interdependence of economy/ecology, terms that derive from the same root word oikos.

Terra Viva Workshops would like to create a few scenarios for the creative reuse of Vaiano’s urban fabric and natural resources. The town is set in a narrow valley, engulfed by intense natural features, either pine forests or olive terraces. Along the course of the Bisenzio River, Vaiano possesses at least 15 large industrial sites that are either abandoned or under-used. The river was Vaiano’s first source of energy and in the modern period its main site for dumping effluents, creating an ambivalent relationship.


Marta Copetti, Eleonora Zepponi, Denis Tantsyura


Giulia De Matteis, Alice Giordano, Meltem Ozbek


Defne Narsap, Mona El Koussa, Samuel Torre


Alara Kutlu, Merve Meric Ercan, İmge Düzgün

TerraViva Competitions

Recently created as a new branch of "TerraViva", this specific section proposes a series of design competitions in line with the topics addressed by our workshops and mainly directed to architecture students, new graduates and young designers.

TACTICAL URBANISM NOW! 2021 - The Reappropriation of Public Space will be the third competition of 2021. Starting from December 13th, registrations will be open until 18/03/2022.


December 13th "Tactical Urbanism NOW! 2021 - The Reappropriation of Public Space"; 10.000€ in Prizes; 10 Honorable Mentions; 30 Finalists; Submissions within 18/03/2022; Results on 26/04/2022; Jury:  Miralles Tagliabue EMBT (Barcelona), Public City (Winnipeg), Openfabric (Rotterdam); Orizzontale (Rome); Intuy Lab (Lima); Sports (New York); Atelier Nea (Paris); OBBA (Seoul);


September 10th "Hangar Ticinum - A Community Hub on the River"; 10.000€ in Prizes; 10 Honorable Mentions; 30 Finalists; Submissions within 10/12/2021; Results on 20/01/2022; Jury: Piuarch (Milan); TSPA (Berlin); Stefano Boeri Architetti (Milan); Operastudio (New York); Degli Esposti Architetti (Milan); Untitled Architecture (Moscow); Comune di Pavia (Pavia); Politecnico di Milano (Milan);

March 15th "The Living Museum - Micro-Architectures in the Landscape"7.000€ in Prizes; 10 Honorable Mentions; 30 Finalists; Submissions within 01/08/2021; Results on 13/09/2021; Jury: Topotek1 (Berlin); Elemental Architecture (New York); Stefano Boeri Architetti (Milan); Paredes Pedrosa (Madrid); NADAAA (Boston); One O One Architects (Seoul); Nicolas Campodonico (Rosario); Studio O (Berlin);

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