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APPLICATION OPEN | "The Urban Sponge IV" | Prato/Florence + Milan

October 9, 2019


Prato/Vaiano: Old Equities - New Opportunities.


For this 3rd  TerraViva Workshop 2019/20 we will be considering Vaiano, a small town of 10,000 inhabitants, 15 km north of Prato. Vaiano is set in a beautiful natural environment, a heavily forested valley, where the waterways passing through the town made it a logical place to establish textile mills, which led to the eventual creation of clothing factories. The city grew on a narrow, linear urban pattern that extends 5 km. During the heyday of its productive life, the workers of Vaiano were particularly well organized to mobilize for workers’ rights, medical care (the cooperative pharmacy), and fair housing. In the 1950s they also struggled to keep their autonomy as a city; resisting being colonized, and thus compromised, by Prato. Thus there remains a strong sense of equity that in the past united the residents in old Vaiano. Today, however, things are different, there is much less employment in the factories, artisan skills are being lost, young people have been moving away, and due to globalization, many of the factories have now been abandoned, leaving significant urban holes. Using photography, video, cartography, and the tools of architecture, students will document, map, analyze and propose new design solutions for the renovation one of the most iconic and significant building of the town: the ancient mill. The idea is to try to both dramatize the current situation of Vaiano, while proposing elements and innovative solutions that might improve its urban future. 



- Applications at:  workshop.terraviva@gmail.com

- Location:  "ECòL" Studio (Via Pistoiese n.138, Prato) + Politecnico di Milano (Campus Leonardo)

- Credits:  4  (Extracurricular Credits ONLY | Published on the Diploma Supplement)


- Certificates of Attendance:  will be given to the students after the Final Presentation of the workshop


- Official Application Link (PoliMi "Passion in Action" Portal):  


- Dates:  

- from Thursday 28/11 to Sunday 01/12:  4 intensive days of teamwork on the projects in Prato (ECòL)
- Tuesday 03/12:  Revision with TerraViva professors and tutors (PoliMi)

- Thursday 05/12:   Revision with TerraViva professors and tutors (PoliMi) 

- Tuesday 10/12:  Revision with TerraViva professors and tutors (PoliMi) 

- Thursday 12/12:  Final Presentation to all the TerraViva professors (PoliMi)

- Saturday 14/12:  Winners Announcement by email (no presence required) 

- Program:  The Official Schedule and Time-table will be released within next Thursday 17/10

- Facebook/Instagram Pages:  Workshop.Terraviva


- Hosted by:  "ECòL" |  https://ecol.studio/work



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Our Soil, Our Commons,  Our Future

A new vision for Planetary Citizenship 


“Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Husband it and it will grow our food, our fuel, and our shelter and surround us with beauty.

Abuse it and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it”


From  Vedas Sanskrit Scripture

1500 BC


November2019 "The Urban Sponge IV", TerraViva  Workshop n°3, PoliMi  +  Earth Service  +  ECòL  + Chì-nà

February 2020 "Tactical Urbanism II", TerraViva Workshop n° 4, PoliMi  + Earth Service  +  Needle 

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