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"Terra Viva Workshop 2017/2018" | OFFICIAL PROGRAM | Politecnico di Milano | 29.10.2017

October 29, 2017

In the past "Terra Viva Workshop" has worked on allotment gardens, biological swimming pools, rooftop beekeeping, and construction of temporary shelters with straw bales. This year we will mix general theoretical research on catastrophes, robotization, digitalization, with alternating practical workshops with precise objectives, including the construction of "Agrishelter III" with the Associazione "Cascinet" at Cascina Sant’Ambrogio, the preparation of an urban sponge in Florence with Carlo Scoccianti; the pursuit of urban beehives on the roofs of Politecnico with Claudia Zanfi; and the second phase of "Projects for Mobility" in the small Sardinian town of Orani at the "Museo Nivola" with Prof. Alessandro Floris.


In order to receive the 4 Credits, students must complete two Workshops. Each program will involve lectures as a theoretical background presented by different professors and experts on the fields under study, followed by debates among the participants. Each group of students will be assigned with a different task to develop during the course of the workshop, concluding the activities with a final presentation and further debate with the professors in charge.




- Director: Richard Ingersoll - Visiting Professor (Polimi)

- Vice Director: Marco Bovati - Assistant Professor (DAStU, Polimi)

- Humanist Adviser: Arian Heidari Afshari - Teaching Assistant (DAStU, Polimi)

- Project Managers: Eugenia Bolla & Stefano Lardera - Architects (Terra Viva Workshop)



- Submissions at:  workshop.terraviva@gmail.com


- Location: Politecnico di Milano


- Credits:  4CFU (required attendance 2 Workshops)


- Facebook/Instagram Pages:  Workshop.Terraviva


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Our Soil, Our Commons,  Our Future

A new vision for Planetary Citizenship 


“Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Husband it and it will grow our food, our fuel, and our shelter and surround us with beauty.

Abuse it and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it”


From  Vedas Sanskrit Scripture

1500 BC


November2019 "The Urban Sponge IV", TerraViva  Workshop n°3, PoliMi  +  Earth Service  +  ECòL  + Chì-nà

February 2020 "Tactical Urbanism II", TerraViva Workshop n° 4, PoliMi  + Earth Service  +  Needle 

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