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Discovering TerraViva 
All you need to know about the workshops

Under the guidance of PoliMi professor Richard Ingersoll, "TerraViva Workshops 2019/2020" will open its fifth season of activities, pursuing projects related to the intersecting themes of “Sprawltown” and “Agricivismo”.



The Locations: PoliMi and Others 
From Milan to the rest of Europe

Most of TerraViva Workshops will be held at "Politecnico di Milano", where students will attend theoretical lessons and debates, exchanging ideas and elaborating the final projects. In some particular cases, the activities will take place in special locations such as Prato's famous "China-Town", “Villa Bighi” in Copparo (Ferrara) and “Museo Nivola” in Orani (Sardinia). Study Tours will be also part of the didactic program, including trips to Trento, Ancona, Andalucia, France, Germany and Scandinavia.



Recent Updates: 

Due to the sudden loss of Professor Richard Ingersoll - founder and director of TerraViva Workshop - allthe didactic activities in presence at Politecnico di Milano have been suspended until further notice.

In the meantime, the initiatives proposed by TerraViva Competitions, which involve thousands of students and young designers, will continue running normally.


Instagram/Facebook: @TerraVivaCompetitions

Vandana Shiva
Author, Activist, Scientific Advsisor

Vandana Shiva has contributed in fundamental ways to changing the practice and paradigms of agriculture and food. Born in India in 1952, she is one of the Third World’s most eloquent and passionate voices on the environment, women’s rights, and sustainable development. 

Richard Ingersoll 

Richard Ingersoll, currently visiting professor at Politecnico di Milano, is the main organiser of the Workshops Terra Viva. In recent years he has been interested in the theme of urban green spaces, especially in what he defines as “agricivismo”. He has particularly focused on the role that urban gardens have in the city, not only in their social, economic and leisure role but also as founding elements of the urban landscape.


Most of the workshops will extend over 9-day periods, requiring attendance on consecutive weekends of the course, four days total of obligatory attendance, with five weekdays in between for individual research.



Richard Ingersoll (Milan)

Eugenia Bolla (Milan)

Stefano Lardera (Milan)

Narges Mofarahian (Teheran)

Toufic Rifai (Beirut)

Omar Rota (Bergamo)

Matteo Pettinaroli (Milan)

Elisa C. Cattaneo (Milan)

Marco Bovati (Bergamo) 

Patrick Ducasse (Bordeaux)

Aleša Metka (Livorno)

Arian Afshari (Teheran)

Emanuele Barili (Prato)

Maurizio Bonizzi (Ferrara)

Duncan Baker-Brown (Brighton)

Carlo Scoccianti (Florence)

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