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Prof. Richard Ingersoll


He was born in California, USA,1949, earned a doctorate in architectural history at UC Berkeley, and was a tenured associate professor at Rice University (Houston) from 1986-97. He has lived off and on in Tuscany since 1970 and currently teaches at Syracuse University in Florence (Italy), and the Politecnico in Milan.


He was the executive editor of Design Book Review from 1983-1997. He teaches courses in architectural history, urban history, contemporary art, architectural theory, and sustainable urbanism. He has led many workshops concerning Agricivismo, a synthesis of agriculture and architecture, under the aegis of Terra Viva Workshops in Milan.


His recent publications include: World Architecture. A Cross-Cultural History, (2018); Sprawltown, Looking for the City on its Edge, (2006); World Architecture, 1900-2000. A Critical Mosaic, Volume I:  North America, USA and Canada, (2000). In 2015 he provided two installations for the exhibition Food, from the Spoon to the World at MAXXI (2015-2016). He frequently writes criticism for Arquitectura Viva, Architect, Lotus, and Bauwelt.

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