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Arch. Narges Mofarahian


She graduated in Architectural engineering at Kashan University in Iran. She pursued the master degree at politecnico di Milano for which her thesis project won an international prize sponsored by IKEA foundation, UNHCR and WDCD, a Dutch design platform.

In 2016 she founded Agrishelter Non-profit association involving several professors from Politecnico di Milano as well as members of other social and environmental associations based in Italy.

In 2018 she co-found Agrishelter startup, with the mission to provide self-built sustainable houses for emergency situations.


The startup won several international prize for innovation and the sustainable approach to resolve a global issue. The funds and incubation programs included Impacthub Milano, Polihub, Intesa san paolo innovation center, Università Cattolica del sacro cuore, university of Berkley and, Fondazione Accenture and Snam foundation. 

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