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Richard Ingersoll 
Founder and Director of TerraViva Program

He was born in California, USA,1949, earned a doctorate in architectural history at UC Berkeley, and was a tenured associate professor at Rice University (Houston) from 1986-97. He has lived off and on in Tuscany since 1970 and currently teaches at Syracuse University in Florence (Italy), and the Politecnico in Milan. He was the executive editor of Design Book Review from 1983-1997. He teaches courses in architectural history, urban history, contemporary art, architectural theory, and sustainable urbanism...


Arian Heidari Afshari 
TerraViva Professor and Humanistic Advisor

He was born in Kerman, Iran, 1984, He is an architect, currently adjunct professor of Architecture and urban design in the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering (AUIC) at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He has received his Ph.D. cum laude in architecture, urban and interior design from the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), Politecnico di Milano, where since 2013 he has been collaborating...


Stefano Lardera 
Co-Founder and TerraViva Project Manager

He graduated in Environmental Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, where he later obtained a Master Degree in Architecture with the highest grade, following the International Program taught in English. Along his academic training he studied for a semester at the Ulpgc of Las Palmas and he took part in the Athens program attending courses at the Mines Paris Tech. In 2015, together with the American professor Richard Ingersoll and the Italian researcher Elisa Cattaneo, he co-founds the TerraViva Program...


Marco Bovati
Vice-Director of TerraViva Program

He was born in Milan, Italy, 1968. He is an architect, graduated with honors at the Faculty of Architecture in Milano. Ph.D. cum laude in Architecture and Urban Composition at the Politecnico di Milano in 2005 with the thesis title “Alterità progettuale del paradigma ecologico. Regressione conservazione trasformazione nell’architettura/The design alterity of the ecological paradigm. Regression Conservation Transformation in Architecture”, under the supervision of Prof. Sergio Crotti...


Eugenia Bolla 
Co-Founder and TerraViva Project Manager 

She graduates as an Architect with a special mention at the National University of Rosario in 2012. Along her academic career she studies for a semester at the Ensap of Bordeaux and in 2013 she gains a scholarship to continue her studies at Politecnico di Milano where she achieves a Master Degree in Architecture. In 2011 She participates in several competitions working for Scape Architecture in France. Particularly interested in the academic world...




Workshop Fee: 170 €  each 

+ Extra Expenses for WS organized outside Milan


Credits: 4 (Extra-curricular Credits ONLY, Published on the Diploma Supplement) required attendance 1 WS)



Richard Ingersoll


Scientific Coordination and Organization:

Arian Heidari Afshari

Eugenia Bolla

Stefano Lardera


Toufic Rifai

Aleša Metka Micacchi

Most of the workshops will extend over 9-day periods, requiring attendance on consecutive weekends of the course, four days total of obligatory attendance, with five weekdays in between for individual research.



Richard Ingersoll (Milan)

Ilaria Valente (Milan)

Gennaro Postiglione (Milan)

Arian Heidari Afshari (Milan)

Marisa Cengarle (Milan)

Carlo Scoccianti (Florence)

Elena Barthel (Florence)

Duncan Baker-Brown (UK)

Alessandro Floris (Milan) 

Stefano Converso (Rome)

Matteo Pettinaroli (Milan)

Giorgio Strappazzon (Padova)

Narges Mofarahian (Milan)

Cristiano Zani (Prato)

Stefano Mancuso (Florence)

Maurizio Bonizzi (Ferrara)

Eugenia Bolla (Milan)

Stefano Lardera (Milan)

Toufic Rifai 
TerraViva Teaching Assistant

Born in Beirut, Lebanon. Earned his Masters degree in Architecture and built Environment at Politecnico di Milano, where he currently teaches. Toufic Rifai holds an experience of several years working in Beirut on a project for the Cultural Heritage and Urban development in 5 cities in Lebanon. 
He is an Architect based in Milan, Italy where he currently works. And collaborating as a Teaching Assistant with the department of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano.