June 3, 2020

- More Info at:  www.terravivacompetitions.com   

- Competition Brief:  https://www.terravivacompetitions.com/tactical-urbanism-now-competition/

- Schedule:
  Early registrations: 15.06.2020 - 15.09.2020 

  Standard registrations:  16.09.2020...

April 27, 2020

I doubt there is anything else we can talk about since the inauspicious arrival of COVID-19. The speed of contagion and the glut of fatalities, including large portions of doctors and nurses doing their jobs, have in less than a month forced at least 50% of humanity to...

February 26, 2020

In the transition to sustainable cities, the large-scale transformations, such as the recent works at Porta Nuova and City Life in Milan, are pitched to multinational interests more than to local ones. If they include sustainable ingredients, such as the dubious virtue...

February 10, 2020

- Date:  Wednesday 12.02.20 at 3:30 pm

- Lecture by:  Prof. Richard Ingersoll  (held in English language)

- Location:  Politecnico di Milano, Campus BOVISA

- Classroom:  B2.1.1.

- Participation: Open to any PoliMi student  (no registration is required)...

January 4, 2020

Please call it “climate crisis”, not “climate change,” the terminology is, shall we say, critical. Just as California was burning most of this autumn, so Australia has caught fire this December. Arsonists? Accidents? Forest fires have always occurred, but not on this s...

December 16, 2019

Vaiano is a linear city, although with only 10,000 inhabitants it is closer to the scale of a village.

During the post WWII period the town created many collective structures in solidarity with the working population and enjoyed a 40-year period of prosperity in compet...

December 15, 2019


Marta Copetti, Eleonora Zepponi, Denis Tantsyura


Giulia De Matteis, Alice Giordano, Meltem Ozbek


Defne Narsap, Mona El Koussa, Samuel Torre


Alara Kutlu, Merve Meric Ercan, İmge Düzgün

December 2, 2019

- Applications at:  workshop.terraviva@g​mail.com

- Official Application Link ("Passion in Action" Portal | Procedure necessary only for PoliMi enrolled students): 


November 29, 2019

Molino Bardazzi belongs to the heritage of last century’s productive buildings in Vaiano. The current structure was built in the 1940’s, but the presence of the mill in this area dates to before 1919, when it was bought by Bardazzi Family. Today, the flour production o...

November 14, 2019

Photo Credits © Eugenio Chir

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TerraViva Competitions

Recently created as a new branch of "TerraViva", this specific section proposes a series of design competitions in line with the topics addressed by our workshops and mainly directed to architecture students, new graduates and young designers.

TACTICAL URBANISM NOW! The Reappropriation of Public Space will be the first competition of 2020. Starting from June 15th, registrations will be open until November 29th.




May 16th "Milano Arch Week", 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Digital Marathon with a series of online Open Lectures by:  Petra Blaisse (Biblioteca degli Alberi); Peter Eisenman (Residenze Carlo Erba); Bjarke Ingels (CityLife); Rem Koolhaas (Fondazione Prada); Daniel Libeskind (CityLife); Patrik Schumacher – Zaha Hadid Architects (City Life); Kazuyo Sejima – SANAA (Campus Bocconi).



May 25th "Milano Digital Week"   

Online Edition | 25/05 - 30/05


June 5th "Il Futuro degli Spazi Pubblici", 6:00 pm | Open Lecture




June 15th "Tactical Urbanism Now! The Reappropriation of Public Space" | TerraViva Competition #1

"Early" Registration Open from 15/06/2020  to  15/09/2020


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Our Soil, Our Commons,  Our Future

A new vision for Planetary Citizenship 


“Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Husband it and it will grow our food, our fuel, and our shelter and surround us with beauty.

Abuse it and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it”



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